The CLI Book: Writing successful Command Line Clients with Node.js

Learn how to write successful Command Line Clients with Node.js


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The CLI Book is your step-by-step guide to write Command Line Clients with Node.js. Learn everything what makes Command Line Clients successful and learn to compose the best Command Line Interfaces (CLI). The first part of the book explains what is needed for a successful Command Line Client, in the second part we build an application based on the learned principles. You'll get everything you need to make an impact in the areas you care about with Command Line Clients.

About the Author

Hi! I am Robert Kowalski, a Software Engineer specialised on Open Source Software. I am a Node.js Core Committer and I worked on the npm client for several years, where I found my love for great Command Line Interfaces. I enjoy writing and lecturing about Node.js and Command Line Clients to inspire others and to share my knowledge.

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